Shammel Campbell is the second Gold Ranger. She is the sister of Aisha Campbell, the second Yellow Ranger

Character HistoryEdit

Shammel Campbell is the sister of Aisha Campbell. 


She was African-American girl. Shammel wore a gold shirt with blue pants. 

She wore the Vongola Ring on her finger in the first and second season. In the battle between Vongola Famiglia and Milliefore Famiglia in Choice, she wore a black suit with a gold tie.

Personality Edit

Shammel is kinda sweet.

Aresnal Edit

  • Sun Vongola Ring (Original Vongola Ring)
  • Sun Vongola Box Weapon
    • Kangaryuu (Canguro del Sereno ver. Vongola)
  • Sun Flame

Soccer MovesEdit

Shammel Campbell

Trivia Edit

See AlsoEdit

  • Jenny Kwan - The Ranger that she replaced as the Gold Ranger.
  • Tiara Sloan - The Ranger that replaced her as a Gold Ranger.

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